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Parbold Parish Council Notes

Clerk: Mrs Elizabeth-Anne Broad JP, LLB (Hons), MA, CiLCA.  E:parboldpc.clerk@yahoo.com

Current Council Members (Feb 2019): Cllr Brian Arnold (Chairman), Cllr Charles Bithell (Vice Chairman), Cllr May Blake, Cllr Denise Butts, Cllr Sarah Carruthers, Cllr Ellis Gill, Cllr Susan Holland, Cllr Tony Schaffel, Cllr Justin Stopford, Cllr Robert Long.

The Parish Concil have a website www.parbold-pc.gov.uk/ where agenda, minutes and general information can be seen.

Parbold Parish Council Notes - July August 2021

The Parish Council’s next meeting will be on Friday 2nd July. Then it will be in recess over summer with the next meeting on Friday 3rd September 2021 at 7.30pm. An agenda will be on the notice board outside the Common shopping parade three days before the meeting. If you have anything you wish the Parish Council to address, please send an email to the Clerk above to get your issues addressed in meeting.

As weather improves and Lockdown lifts our outdoor areas are suddenly popular and we just need to remember to treat our shared land with respect, so that we can enjoy it and leave it for others to enjoy after we've been there. Take litter home if bins are full, please.

Alder Lane Playing Fields are primarily for children's sports play and, whilst it is tempting to do so, the pitches are not to be used for dog walking. There is a protection order in place whereby dogs must be kept on leads here and you could be liable to a fixed penalty of £75 or up to £1,000 fine if you walk dogs off leash or fail to pick up after your dog. The reason for this is the risk of Toxicara which causes blindness in children. As all dog owners know ticks, fleas and worms increase in warmer weather so the risk of transfer of this nasty disease to children also increases.


Parbold Parish Council Notes - June 2021

Open, Public Parish Council meetings are to resume. Parbold Parish Council will be meeting at 7.30pm on the first Friday of each month, except in August when the council is in recess. Please email the clerk if you intend to attend so that we can comply with Covid restrictions on numbers and contact details.

We have been asked to remind residents that electric scooters are not permitted on the highway: which includes roads, pavements, public rights of way and footpaths. They can only be used on private land so please refrain from riding them or allowing children to ride them around the village.

The last of the Community Infrastructure Levy received by the Parish Council for development off Tan House Lane is now being spent at Burnside Play Area. A considerable amount of parish funding is being added to this, so please make this money well spent and care for the equipment. The Parish Council is grateful to local residents who have cleaned graffiti from the site. We continue to notice that some older teenage children are being dropped off there by car and whilst this age group wouldn't need parental supervision, we hope that parents will encourage them to treat the area with respect. Very, many thanks to all those that do.

Parbold Parish Council Notes - May 2021

As Lockdown eases Parish Council meetings will return to physical meetings but the AGM to be held on the Friday 7th May 2021 will be held via Zoom conferencing. Please email the Clerk if you have any issues you wish to be considered by the Parish Council.

We are blessed to have such beautiful surrounding countryside but please do remember the Country Code and look after our natural world. Take all rubbish home and pick up after your dog. Keep to footpaths and do not stray onto fields yielding crops please. The biological heritage site at Chapel Meadow is a victim of its own success suffering surface damage so take particular care there and we are asked to remind people not to throw dog-poo bags into the horses’ field alongside as the horses will be ill or die if they eat it.

The Parish Council would like to thank everyone who helped with the community litter-pick last month and also those who litter pick on a regular basis. Everyone agrees the area is looking much tidier. So, we can look forward to enjoying our village this summertime.

As the new financial year begins, the Parish Council decided to keep the precept collected from residents at the same level as last year, recognising the difficult economic climate just now. The new heating/ventilation system at the village hall is now complete and paid for and some more works are planned to enhance the play area at Burnside. There has been some vandalism at this site including graffiti that a resident has voluntarily removed for us - many thanks. Please encourage your children to treat these areas with respect so that we can keep costs of play provision down.

Parbold Parish Council Notes - April 2021 Clerk: Mrs Elizabeth-Anne Broad e-mail: parboldpc.clerk@yahoo.com

Parish Council meetings continue using Zoom conferencing. If you wish to attend a virtual meeting the details are written onto the agenda posted on the notice board outside McColls three days before each meeting. Please email the clerk to confirm your attendance and so that you can be contacted if the details change. The next meeting dates are Friday 9th April 2021, an AGM is planned for 7th May 2021, then 4th June 2021 and 2nd July 2021.

A Community Litter Pick is organised for Saturday 10th April 2021, meeting at the village hall car park at 10am. If you would like to join in, please email Cllr Charles Bithell (cbithell@btinternet.com) who will be leading the team. Covid restrictions will be adhered to. This is a great opportunity for outdoor activity to help improve our environment.

We are asked to avoid burning garden rubbish, particularly during the daytime when some residents might have washing out. Please be considerate of neighbours and keep burning to a minimum. Whilst there are no specific laws which prohibit bonfires, smoke pollution where it causes a nuisance to others is an offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and should the smoke blow onto the road it is an offence under the Highways Act.


Parbold Parish Council Notes - March 2021

Parbold Parish Council meetings are continuing on the first Friday of each month starting at 7:30pm using Zoom conferencing. If you wish to join a virtual meeting you can do so by emailing the clerk in advance for the agenda and the meeting ID and password to join. Members of the public do not take part in Parish Council meetings but there is an item towards the beginning of the meeting where the public may raise issues or make comment. Each person may talk for up to four minutes and whilst it may not be possible to discuss the issue further, Councillors will address it at a later meeting if appropriate.

The budget has now been finalised and it has been decided not to increase the precept in respect of the parish council this year. Council Members are only too aware how difficult this past year has been on household finances so, whilst there are increased council costs, the reserves will be used to meet any overspend.

The Parish Council has requested LCC Highways to provide more grit bins in the parish. In return,

LCC ask us to highlight that the grit is to be used for public highway and not for private driveways. We attempted to get more roads included on the gritting schedule, specifically Brandreth Drive and the Burnside estate. However, LCC cannot do these areas as they are not priority routes or routes with a gradient steep enough to warrant it. The Common and Lancaster Lane are gritted when conditions apply.

Installation of CCTV at Bramble Way carpark has assisted in supporting security there, particularly after dark. This remains a popular area with dog walkers so remember dogs must be on leads if on the playing fields, because priority here is for children’s play which is incompatible with off-leash dogs and dog fouling. It is sensible to keep on lead around this area as there was a dog sadly killed on the railway track here, and one had to be rescued from the water at the leachate tank. More recently suspicions of rat poison on 


Parbold Parish Council Notes – Dec 2020 and Jan 2021

 Clerk: Mrs Elizabeth-Anne Broad e-mail: parboldpc.clerk@yahoo.com

2020 continues to be a massive challenge for everyone. The people of Parbold Village have been impressive in their care for each other during this most difficult of times. We are indebted to the local businesses that saw us through the first Lockdown period and continue to do so now. We have missed those that were forced to close and hope they can hang on in there as we'll return as soon as possible. We want to thank everyone that volunteered to make life a little easier for their fellow residents.

We continue to have antisocial behaviour in our parks and playing fields and we are doing our best to combat this. We have invested in CCTV and any images of criminal behaviour are forwarded to police.

We know that most instigators travel into the village and it would help greatly if parents could be mindful of where their children are to ensure they are not influenced into bad behaviour by outside sources.

The Parish Council wishes all peace, health and happiness over the festive period and a brighter future for us all in 2021.

Parish Council meetings are continuing on Zoom conferencing at the moment, so please contact the Clerk with any issues of concern so that these can be addressed.


Parbold Parish Council Notes - November 2020

Clerk: Mrs Elizabeth-Anne e-mail: parboldpc.clerk@yahoo.com

A big thank you to all who helped with the Community Litter pick in October. If you wish to continue your own regular litter pick of the public land around your home, but need litter picking equipment please let us know and we can help.

Parish Council meetings are continuing via Zoom conferencing at the moment, so please contact the clerk with any issues of concern so that these can be addressed.

We continue to have problems of antisocial behaviour around the play areas and Bramble Way Car Park and we do remind people that CCTV covers these areas so please be aware that the police have become involved in some instances. These are not areas that should be used by unsupervised children. The playground equipment is designed for younger children and supervision is recommended at all times should accident or incident occur. In the region of £2,000 worth of damage has been caused by vandalism of the swing seats at both Burnside and the Village Hall and so the Parish Council will use the CCTV to identify perpetrators in the future and charges may be laid. The Parish Council is mindful that groups gather because there is 'nothing to do' and indeed Covid restrictions have prevented many activities, but this cannot be an excuse to damage things for other, younger children so that there is nothing to do for them either.


Parbold Parish Council Notes - October 2020

Clerk: Mrs Elizabeth-Anne Broad JP, LLB (Hons), MA, CiLCA

e-mail: parboldpc.clerk@yahoo.com

There will be a Community Litterpick starting at 9.30am on Saturday 10th October 2020, meeting on the car park at Parbold Village Hall. If you wish to volunteer, please drop us an email at the above address or to Cllr Charles Bithell (cbithell@btinternet.com) who is co-ordinating the event. Alternatively, if you decide to join us on the day, just come along. We are following government guidelines so please read our risk assessment which can be viewed at parbold-pc.gov.uk.

Autumn is a great time for a tidy up, so hopefully this event will be well attended and provide some outdoor exercise whilst helping to keep the village tidy. If you are not able to take part but wish to cover an area of the village at a different time, please let us know.

If you have watercourses going through your land please check that the water is running freely; keep any pavement or roadside hedges trimmed back and please, don't park in an obstructive or inconsiderate manner. Finally, please remind your older children that the play areas are for daytime use and not to go in after dark. Younger children get so upset to find their swings are hooked over and tangled and there is debris left everywhere from older children using the area to party the night before.

For the time-being, meetings continue via electronic conferencing, so please let the Clerk know if you have any items you wish your Parish Council to consider.


Parbold Parish Council Notes - September 2020

The Parish Council has continued to hold meetings via Zoom conferencing to ensure smooth running of the council is continued. If you do have any issues that you want them to address, please email these to the Clerk.

Parbold Village has been an amazing community during the pandemic Lockdown and Councillors praised shop owners who were able to stay open and go above and beyond in helping those in selfisolation. There was recognition too that, those services that were forced to close, were sorely missed and we welcome them back.

Some challenges have arisen, particularly keeping our public parks and play areas clean and safe for all. In this respect the Council would ask that older children be discouraged from entering the play areas late at night as this does create noise nuisance for those living around them. A reminder too that the Village Hall is protected by CCTV, so any evidence of antisocial behaviour will be forwarded to police. It is clear that people are taking their dogs into the Village Hall play area, particularly in the early mornings. There is a No Dogs order in place so should this practice continue the photographs will be supplied to the Dog Warden to take further action.

CCTV with automatic number plate recognition technology will shortly be installed at Alder Lane Playing Fields car park at the end of Bramble Way. This is in response to a number of incidents of night-time disturbance and the continuation of anti-social behaviour. So please be aware that in using the car park you may be recorded on CCTV. The playing fields are used by children and as such are inappropriate areas for exercising dogs. A Public Protection Order is in place so if entering the fields keep your dog on a lead and pick up after your dog or you risk a fine.


Lancashire Police

“In The Know” Messaging system offers you the means to receive information from the police and other agencies in the County which suit your preferences for content, locality  and means of communication. It is a free service and there are no contracts, costs or obligations of any kind.

How do I get involved?

Registration is quick, simple and completely free

You can register here now by clicking on the link below.

How will I receive messages?

You can elect to receive messages by email, or sms text. Members registered to receive only text messages will still receive important information, but not all messages/warnings circulated on the system.

Can I change my mind?

Of course! If you change your mind, you can unsubscribe at any time. It’s your service, your call.

How about Data Protection?

Your personal details will be securely held under the provisions of the Data Protection Act and only the people you want to see your details can see them. They will never be shared with commercial organisations.

Why should I bother?

By registering on the system you can keep in touch with the things that concern you and your community. We would like you to be informed, involved and “In the Know!”

The alert types that are available for members to sign up to are as follows:

  • Business & Retail Crime Alerts
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Alzheimer’s Society Outreach Workers

We can arrange to visit you at home or a venue of your choice and provide information, advice and emotional support. We also provide DROP IN SUPPORT GROUPS where you can meet and share your experiences over a cup of coffee as well as enjoy a variety of activities such as arts and crafts, music, games, guest speakers and much more. 

Please note new contact:
Alzheimer's Society Central Lancashire on 01772 788700. Please forward any information to Pam Bolton, email address pam.bolton@alzheimers.org.uk

Drive safely for longer - A free course for drivers aged 65+

This course will help you enhance your practical skills and continue driving safely for as long as possible.

Learn how to stay safe in what is  becoming a challenging driving environment.  Brush up on your observation skills, be better able to cope with themistakes of other road users and address any driving concerns you may have.

The course will be arranged at a time and place that is convenient for you.  the Apporved Driving Instructor will collect you from and return you to your home.

Contact: 01772 536074  Email: www.access@lancashire.gov.uk Web: www.lancashire.gov.uk

Lancashire Community Car Scheme

Operated by Preston Community Transport Ltd. Charity No. 1114100

If you have a car, can spare an hour or so a week and want to assist people in your community, we’d love to hear from you.
Please call Julie on 01772 516208

West Lancashire Carers’ Centre

Certacs House • 10/12 Westgate • Skelmersdale • Lancashire • WN8 8AZ
Tel: 01695 711243      Email: enquiries@westlancscarerscentre.org.uk

If you are looking after someone at home who needs your help due to disability or illness, make sure you contact your local carers’ centre who will be able to provide you with a range of support and advice, including accessing funding.

If you are able to volunteer for a couple of hours a week to support carers, either at the centre or in people’s own homes, (sitting-in service) then call us. Training and expenses provided.

ONEVOICE westlancs

Welcomes parents/carers of a child with a disability or additional needs (with or without a diagnosis). Drop in to our parent-led, friendly groups to share experiences, information, advice and support . The Grove Children’s Centre, Burscough L40 0RZ   12.30-2.30pm on Thursday 25 April

For further information please contact Victoria on 07423 392694 onevoicewl@hotmail.co.uk

Hoscar WWTW

Following last years petition from Parbold residents demanding action to reduce the odours from the Hoscar treatment works there have been a number of meetings between the various parties and progress has been made.

In order to keep the pressure on United Utilities to invest at Hoscar it is important that residents report each and every occasion they experience sewage smells to the odour hotlines.

 WLBC Environmental Health:  01695 577177 or email wwtw.odours@westlancs.gov.uk

United Utilities:  0345 0726 083 office hours and 0345 672 3723 out of office hours

Email United Utilities kcuoperations@uuplc.co.uk

Parbold Parish Council has been working with residents and United Utilities to reduce the odours from the Hoscar treatment plant. In an effort to improve the reporting system United Utilities now have a direct email link which allows them to see every complaint in real time.  Could residents use it each and every time they experience offensive odours.


If you want a regular update on progress please email Parbold resident paulquirk@aol.com and he will add you to his mailing list.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue service

Community Fire Safety Practitioner. Telephone 01695 723853 or email shelleygregory@lancsfirerescue.org.uk

Promote Free Home Fire Safety Checks

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service offer free Home Fire Safety Checks to every householder in the county. These checks involve a crew visiting your home and giving fire safety advice, as well as fitting smoke alarms where necessary. Any resident within Lancashire can request one and they are completely free of charge. The Home Fire Safety Checks include:

  • Providing and install FREE 10-year smoke alarms where necessary.
  • Giving life saving advice in the event of a fire in your home.
  • How to make a fire escape plan for you and your family.
  • Practical advice on identifying fire hazards in the home.

All Home Fire Safety Checks are carried out by employees of Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service who will show identification when they arrive. To book a free Home Fire Safety Check, please contact us by calling Freephone 0800 169 1125 or visit www.lancsfirerescue.org.uk.

The Community Fire Safety Team are available to deliver Fire Safety advice to groups.  If you would like further information or to book this, contact Shelley Gregory at the CFS Team on 07920291869.

Community Fire Safety Practitioner. Telephone 01695 723853 or email shelleygregory@lancsfirerescue.org.uk

Age UK

Have a new handyman initiative.  Working with Lancashire County Council it has launched a scheme called HandyVan, aimed at older people in the district.  It offers fitted carbon monoxide alarms, door chains, window locks, mortice locks and door viewers.

Dennis Jones, HandyVan man for the district will also undertake small home improvement jobs for the price of the materials.

For more information tel: 01255 473999 or see www.ageuk.org.uk

UpHolland Tawd Vale Lions

UpHolland Tawd Vale Lions are seeking donations of second-hand furniture, household goods, ornaments and toys for resale at their “Lions Den” Charity Shop in Skelmersdale. 

Phone Chris Lawn 01257 462283 to arrange collection (Charity No. 1109274)

Douglas Valley Lions Club


Douglas Valley Lions Club have signed an agreement with the Canal & River Trust (which was British Waterways and is now a charity) to adopt a 2 mile length of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.

The agreement is for 12months and Lions members will pick up litter on a length of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal from the Appley Bridge road bridge to the Parbold road bridge.

Lions members will be supplied with High visibility waistcoats, litter pickers and bin bags and they will walk the section at least once a month picking up litter from the bank and reporting any problems.

At the start and finish of the length there will be a notice showing the Lions Logo and information for the public.

As the project becomes established Lions hope to co-operate with Canal & River Trust and local communities on projects such as re-painting railings and fences, etc. making the canal area a better environment for the public with materials and supervision being provided by Canal & River Trust.

Information on volunteering and the Canals in general can be found at:www.canalrivertrust.org.uk or by ringing 03030404040  Douglas Valley Lions can be contacted on 0845 8335739 or at www.lionsmd105.org




(Not for profit community interest company)
Based in Skelmersdale - will collect FREE of charge any unwanted, re-usable items of furniture.  This will then be made available for sale at their showroom at:

17 Gladden Place, West Gillibrands, Skelmersdale WN8 9SX

OPENING HOURS: Mon - Fri 9 - 4 Saturday 10 - 4

For more information see www.exselcic.com Tel: 01695 557 230

Blood Donors

To book an appointment visit www.blood.co.uk or phone 0300 123 2323

ESF Families Programme – Via Partnership

The Families Programme is a Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) / ESF funded programme with the primary aim to support individuals to overcome barriers which prevent them from going into or moving towards work. These ‘barriers’ could be confidence and self-esteem issues, health related issues, a need to up skill or gain work experience or could be the practical skills needed to balance work and home life, etc, etc.

If you  OR family are affected by unemployment, are aged 16+ and legally able to work, are you or at least one member of your family claiming a DWP working age benefit and do you  wish to access support to help you move back into work opportunities?

If ‘YES’ to all of the above, then we may be able offer up to 52 weeks support, to help you and members of your family move into or towards work.

Want to find out more?  Please call 0800 085 8544 or Peter on 07792 058362 Email: peter.mccann@via-uk.com


Broadband deals in Parbold.

This comprehensive broadband price comparison service covering the UK’s top providers can help you find the providers available at your postcode: http://www.choose.net/media/



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