Walking in Parbold

Walking in Parbold

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Parbold Ramblers was formed in 1998 by a group of like-minded people who fancied a bit of exercise on a regular basis, were fond of the open air and nice scenery. 


Walks are organised on the 1st Sunday of each month and are within 1½ hours drive from Parbold village.  In winter months when the days are shorter we sometimes walk nearer to home.  We meet at the Car Park behind the shops in Parbold to share cars, usually at 9.a.m prompt. (A donation towards petrol costs for the car driver is appreciated)  Members are advised to have suitable footwear i.e. walking boots, and to bring waterproofs, coffee and lunch.  Walking poles can also be useful.

The walks are over a variety of terrains and areas and are usually no more than 8 miles long.  Hills and dales, canal towpaths, green lanes and wooded areas can be expected but no fell walking is usually attempted.  If there is a local hostelry or teashop at the end of the walk, then that is usually included for those who wish. 

We get together once a month in the upstairs room of the Red Lion Pub, Newburgh starting at 8.p.m. to discuss the previous walk, the next planned walk, and any other issues that crop up.  This is on the Wednesday, which falls 10 days before the 1st Sunday of the new month.

We are a lively and friendly group and social events are planned throughout the year. There is always a Christmas meal at a local pub or restaurant, and for the last few years we have ventured out in the summer as well.  We try to plan a weekend away each year and have been to Shropshire, Durham, Wales, the Peak District & the Lakes.

The current annual subscription is £12.00. Renewable annually at the AGM in May.

More detailed information can be obtained by phoning  Carole Fishwick on 01257 472329                

Or email us at parboldramblers@talktalk.net

Our walking programme for 2021/22

A full walking programme will be published soon. See Events Calendar for individual walks details


Sunday July 11th   

Leader: Jimmy Kelly                 

Wheelton & Withnell

7 miles 

difficulty B

Sunday August 1st    

Leader: Joe Halsall      

Timbersbrook and The Cloud

6.5 miles

difficulty B

Sunday September 5th

Leaders: Jimmy Kelly

Hoghton Tower      

5 miles

difficulty B

Sunday October 3rd

Leader: Sue Henshall

Little Eccleston

6 miles

difficulty C

Sunday November 7th

Leader: Carole FishwicK

Rabbit Rocks (Wigan Pier)      

6 miles

difficulty B

Sunday December 5th

Leader: Jimmy Kelley

Otterspool &sefton Park

5 miles 


Sunday January 2nd

Leaders: Lesley & Peter

Haigh Plantations       

5 miles

difficulty C

Sunday February 6th

Leaders: Lynn & Harry  

Ruff Wood, Ormskirk

6.25 miles 

difficulty B

Sunday March 7th      

Leader: Jimmy Kelly    


6 miles 

difficulty B

Sunday April 11th

Leaders:Joe & Bernard Halsall


7. miles

difficulty B

Sunday May 9th

Leaders: John & Anne Corcoran

Sunderland Point                    

 6 miles

difficulty B

Additional Walks 2021/2022

15 July           Details to be advised

14 October     Details to be advised

14 April 2023  Details to be advised


Although we plan our walking programme well in advance it may be that it has to be changed at short notice due to adverse weather conditions or unsuitable terrain. Members are informed of any changes at the meeting prior to the scheduled walk.

Full walk details and start time will be posted on this website's Events calendar 7 - 10 days before the date of the walk.

Please note 

All walks meet at Parbold shops at 9.00a.m. for Car Share, unless otherwise stated.  If you need a lift, it is advisable to contact Jimmy Kelly or the walk leader before the day, so that we can ensure availability.

This is the responsibility of the individual and lifts cannot be guaranteed if contact is not made prior to the walk day.


Difficulty ratings  

              C – Almost all flat and easy going.  Accessible to all

              B – May have some rough going or hilly parts

              A – A lot of uphill walking or rough terrain


Contact telephone 

               Chairman – Jimmy Kelly         01257 463057

               Secretary – Carole Fishwick    01257 472329

               Treasurer – Margaret Fernie     01772 816019

               Email:  parboldramblers@talktalk.net

Regular updates can also be found on www.parboldonline.info  (information/walks)


Meetings 2021/22 - revised 

This is on the Wednesday, which falls 10 days before the 1st Sunday of the new month. The dates are published on the 'Events' calendar. They take place in the upstairs room or the Snug of the Red Lion, Newburgh.

Wednesday 18th August 2021 (Snug)

Wednesday 22nd September

Thursday 28th October

Tuesday 24rd November

Thursday 27th January 2022

Tuesday 22nd February

Tuesday 22nd March

Tuesday 19th April

Tuesday 24th May

Tuesday 21st June

Tuesday 26th July

Tuesday 23rd August

Tuesday 20th September

Tuesday 25th October

Tuesday 22nd November

No meeting in December

For more detailed information contact:
Jimmy Kelly: 01257 463057     Email: parboldramblers@talktalk.net


Local Walks

Some walkers use the train to Appley Bridge or Gathurst for a brisk walk back along the canal or a circuit home up on the South side of the valley.

Circular Walks around Parbold
The series has now been updated and now include wildlife notes. Hard copies of the series of local walks below can be obtained from Parbold DIY Centre and Library. Please follow the Countryside Code at all times, keeping dogs on leads where there are farm animals in the fields.  Please do not feed farm stock or horses. Suitable footwear should be worn as it can he muddy in places.

Walk No 1 - From the Farmers Arms, Chorley Road, Hilldale. L40 3SL. 2 miles

Walk No 2 - From Bramble Way car park with optional detour to the site of the old Douglas Chapel. WN8 7HZ 1.75 miles

Walk No 3 - From the Village shops. WN8 7HA. 3.5 miles

Walk No 4 - From the canal bank car park, Station Road. WN8 7NU. 1.5 miles

Walk No 5 - From the canal bank car park, Station Road. WN8 7NU. 4.7 miles

Walk No 6 - From the car park at Hunters Hill quarry, Hilldale. WN6 9QB. 3.5 miles

The above walks can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.



You can download the walks in PDF format from the link below. Most of these walks are between 5-7 miles and are mostly within the confines of our magazine distribution areas of Central, West and South Lancashire, with particular emphasis on areas of outstanding natural beauty within easy reach such as the Sefton coastline, the West Pennine Moors and the Douglas Valley.




 June 7th  2021  ( CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19)


Peel Tower, Ramsbottom        7miles                     difficulty B

Leaders:  Bernard Halsall                                                   (A G M )

Meeting date

December 5th 2021

Otterspool & Sefton Park

                                                5 miles           difficulty B

Leader: Jimmy Kelly & Ann Welsh

                                                              Meeting date 24th November

July 11th 2021   


Wheelton & Withnell Fold           6miles              difficulty   B  

Leader: Jimmy Kelly                                     

Meeting date

January 2nd  2022           

Local Walk followed by Hot-Pot  Haigh Hall/Plantations

                                                 5   miles          difficulty    C

Leaders:  Lesley & Peter

                     Walk details available on December  17   Christmas meal

August 1st 2021


Timbersbrook & The Cloud            61/2miles        difficulty   B

Leader: Joe Halsall

                                                                                            Meeting date

February 6th  2022

Ruff Wood, Ormskirk.

                                                    61/4  miles            difficulty B

Leader: Lynn & Harry

Meeting date 27th January

September 5th 2021   


Hoghton Tower                           5 miles               difficulty C

Leaders: Jimmy Kelly & Carole Fishwick

Meeting date 18th August(snug)

March 7th  2022


                                                    6  miles            difficulty B

Leader: Jimmy Kelly

Meeting date 22nd February

October 3rd 2021


Little Eccleston                        6 miles                  difficulty B

Leader: Sue Henshall                                                

Meeting date 22nd September

April 11th  2022


                                                  7   miles         difficulty B

Leaders:  Joe & Bernard Halsall

                                                                       Meeting date 22nd March

November 7th 2021

Rabbit Rocks (Wigan Pier)

                                                   61/2   miles           difficulty B

Leader:  Carole Fishwick & Christina Berry                                                                               

Meeting date 27th October(snug)

May 9th2022

Sunderland Point

                                                    6   miles            difficulty B

Leader: John & Anne Corcoran

                                                                           Meeting date 19th April

Events Calendar


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